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'''The Glasgow Academy''' is a coeducational Independent school (UK)|independent day school for pupils aged 4–18 in Glasgow, Scotland. It is the third best secondary school in Scotland according to its Higher exam results. Founded in 1845, it is the oldest continuously fully Independent school (UK)|independent school in Glasgow, Scotland. In 1991, Glasgow Academy merged with Westbourne School for Girls, adopting the distinctive purple of its uniform in the school badge and tartan. It is located in the Kelvinbridge area and has approximately 1350 pupils, split between three preparatory school (UK)|preparatory school sites and a senior school. The current Head teacher|rector is Peter Brodie, who has held the position since 2005. HMIe last inspected the school in November 2008.
Latitude| longitude =
Dms| motto = Serva Fidem
(Keep [the] Faith)
Motto pl| established = 1845
Approx| closed =
C approx| type = Independent school (UK)|Independent day school
ReligionChurch of Scotland
President| head_label = Rector
HeadPeter Brodie
R head label| r_head =
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